1550 Hilarious Jokes and Comic Situations.
Mostly aimed at Harley,
who is a symbol of the typical Harley Rider
who unmercifully makes fun of Scooter Riders.

Now it’s the Scooter Rider’s turn
to make fun of Harley!

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About James Albert

James Albert, a Life Long Touring Bicyclist,
changed over to a Scooter in 1997.
Since then, he put
2000 miles on a 80cc Honda Elite 80,
90,000 miles on a 250cc Honda Helix...
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Excerpt from the Book

TOM: Do you really think Harley is too dumb to find out that we own and ride the Helix Scooter?
DICK: Didn’t he name his pet Zebra, Spot?
TOM: Say, that’s right. Why, he’s so dumb, if he was a Duck, he’d fly NORTH for the Winter.
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