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Excerpt from the Book


TOM: Do you really think Harley is too dumb to find out that we own and ride the Helix Scooter?
DICK: Didn’t he name his pet Zebra, Spot?
TOM: Say, that’s right. Why, he’s so dumb, if he was a Duck, he’d fly NORTH for the Winter.


DICK: Where’s Harley?
TOM: He’s been in the Men’s Room for 20 minutes washing his Left Hand.
DICK: Why’s that?
TOM: While riding here on his Harley, he inadvertently waved to a Helix Scooter Rider.


HARLEY: I rode a Helix Scooter once. Didn’t like it at all.
TOM: Why’s that?
HARLEY: The damn thing don’t vibrate or make noise. Doesn’t leak oil either. 
              How are you supposed to find your way back home with no OIL TRAIL?


HARLEY: Where can I get some money?
TOM: Why don’t you rent your Harley to Jack who owns the Paint Store.
HARLEY: Jack doesn’t ride.
TOM: I know, but his PAINT SHAKER broke down.


HARLEY: I get a lot of exercise with my Harley.
TOM: How can you get exercise riding your Harley?
HARLEY: Not riding...PUSHING.